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Funny Facebook account of Indian chutiyas

Facebook! A name which even a small child knows now a days. We all use Facebook in our daily life and while there are all type of people on Facebook. Among them there is a special type which we call “Chutiyas”. This post…


हिन्दी चुटकुले | Chutiya Jokes

There are many kind of jokes which includes just smile jokes, LOL jokes, dirty jokes, baby jokes and finally comes PJs or in our words “chutiya” banane vale jokes. Below are those “bakwas” and “faltu” which will make you pull your hairs or…


Chutiyapa kya hai? What is Chutiyapa?

What is Chutiyapa ? In our daily life, we all hear these types of lines: “Ajib Chutiyapa hai!” “Chutiyapanti kar raha hai” “Ye sabse bada chutiya hai” and so on… Basically Chutiyapa is doing something awkward or to do something about which you…


Watch online Sultan movie

Sultan (2016) 2h 50min | Action, Drama, Romance | 6 July 2016 A romantic action drama based on the life of fictional Haryana based wrestler & mixed martial arts specialist Sultan Ali Khan. Director                : Ali…


Awkwardly Hilarious Lingerie Stories. LOL!

We women know that our lingerie is more than just underwear. We pay a lot of time and attention to what kind of lingerie we should buy, and what to wear when. But like any relationship, ours with lingerie is not all that…


A shocking truth about RO water purifiers! See how to stop wastage of water

We all use RO water purifiers at our home to purify the drinking water, but do you know that around 75% of the water fed into RO water purifier is wasted, only 25% is extracted as drinking water. For 1 liter safe filtered…


15 Types Of Chutiyas You can find around you

We are surrounded by different types of people. Some good, some bad, some polite, some meek. And then, there are a few who are a cut above the rest. By the law of nature, these people have been classified as “chutiyas”. Click here to claim…


8 Reasons Why Men Are Better At Friendship Than Women

Haven’t you always wondered why it is easier to get along with guys than penetrate a gang of girls? Let’s face it women; when it comes to friendships, men win by a margin. Women may have their girl besties and may share the…


10 Types Of Women You’ll Encounter In Bed

After rocket science and algorithms, the most difficult subject to understand is women. They come in various shapes and sizes, and each is unique in her own little ways. Their moods change faster than numbers on the stock exchange. Men, simple-minded as they…


Pythons Found Inside A Toilet Shock Residents. Could’ve Been A Hiss During A Piss!

What happens when you enter a toilet to take a leak and find an unexpected guest already seated comfortably in your toilet? An incident in Australia shows exactly why you should take a good look before you take a good leak. Eliott Budd a snake…