Noun: Chutiya (Pronounce as: Chuu-tii-yaa) Plural (Chutiye).. Adjective.. Chutiyapa.. Verb: Chutiya katna.. Gender: Male
Ex. : Jo yeh padh raha hai who ek chutiya hai.
The word Chutiya is the epitome of new hinglish language. There are many English words like jerk, asshole etc but the punch, the thrust is missing. To cut it short nothing can replace the word Chutiya.
The best part is that it can and is vehemently applied in almost all situations. The character description or rather assassination for anybody can and does start with this word. “Woh kaisa hai”… “”chutiya hai” is the common reply.
My friend remains very quite most of the time. He is a chutiya. Another of my friend talks too much. Another chutiya. And trust me, Golmaal 3 is as chutiyap a movie as a Chetan Bhagat’s novel.
Chutiya, while being harmless in its meaning (Pg. 537 Hindi to English dictionary), still remains a taboo, more because of the pronunciation. Its proximity to men’s night dreams is close to none. Minimum damage and maximum effect. But the applicability of the word is now universal. From someone stuck by a cupid to everyone else not so lucky in love, from someone dimwitted guy to a complete harami (incidentally this word is second only to chutiya, as the range leaves out dimwitted guys).
The word chutiya, cuts across boundaries, religion, caste or creed. A Hindu might not consider a Muslim as a human being, but can still regard him as chutiya. Same is true vice versa. All the humans in the world are united by same bond.
They are all chutiya. In fact everybody in the whole world can be a chutiya, except you. Ask any Indian. They will all agree that Americans are chutiya. That is the reason for their progress. They are united by virtue of their chutiyapa.
Then, some chutiye think that they are good in “Chutiya katna”. They just lack the basic understanding that others know about their “Chutiyaps” and tend to avoid these chutias.
The word however has a strong gender connotation. While the origin of the word would have some linkage to female anatomy, it’s used to describe a male, and a male only. The applicability of the word to female is limited as a verb. i.e. “chutiya katna”, which most of the girls are probably good at.