We women know that our lingerie is more than just underwear. We pay a lot of time and attention to what kind of lingerie we should buy, and what to wear when. But like any relationship, ours with lingerie is not all that simple. We’ve all had some weird stories with those boob-supporting and wedgie-inducing pieces of clothing, and despite our frustration, these stories make us smile.

We asked a few women what their awkwardly funny lingerie stories were. Read on, ladies and gentlemen (we know you’re curious), read on…

1. Not needed, dude. Really not needed!



2. Relief is found in the strangest of things.


3. One stick distance.



4. Not my cup. Nope.


5. Party popper. Ha ha!


6. Pyaar ke side effects…



7. Of all the wonderful things that come with having a sister…