What is Chutiyapa ?

In our daily life, we all hear these types of lines:

“Ajib Chutiyapa hai!”

“Chutiyapanti kar raha hai”

“Ye sabse bada chutiya hai”

and so on…

Basically Chutiyapa is doing something awkward or to do something about which you don’t have idea what its all about. Chutiyapa can also be defined as doing something complete useless thing and people will laugh on you saying “Lo aa gaya ek aur Chutiya”. Sometimes “Chutiyapa” is showing your poor mentality towards some people or gender.

Following are different type of  “Chutiyapa” you see around you:


1. Tu Rehne de bhai, tujse na ho payega


2. True love vala Chutiyapa (Cutiyapa)



3. Engineering and study Chutiypa

chutiyapa joke



4. Akhand Chutiyapa



5. Poor mentality chutiyapa



6. Selfie and over-confidence chutiyapa



You can add more like this in comments and we will post it for sure (with your name) if its relevant.