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12 Signs You’re About To Get Friendzoned

You’re great friends. Everything’s going great, except that you’re madly in love with her and she has no idea about it. You want to tell her how you feel but you’re not sure if she’s interested too. While in some cases, best friends…


9 Matrimonial Chutiyapa on Indian Newspapers That Seem Too Funny To Be True

When it comes to marriage in India, people go back way worth to decades into the requirements of culture and basically stay stagnant on it. Let it be the family of a Parsi, a Punjabi or a south Indian, all of them take…


5 Types Of Hypocritical Women That you called ‘Double Chutiyapa’

We men are often mistaken to be against women’s rights. That’s not true. We’re all for equality. Yeah, feminism is a very noble concept but the problem is, the movement seems to be led by feminazies not feminists. And, we bring to you some solid…


10 Reasons Why Men Are The Real Targets Of Sexism In India

Sexism is defined as inequality towards a specific gender in the society due to traditional norms or defined principles. In India, the issue would receive a lot more focus if it is not made to be an ‘us vs. them’ issue but rather…