Uttar Pradesh is always in news, the reason may be any but they are always on the News channels. They have a reputation of their own when it comes to solving High Profile cases for example they were the ones who brought back SP leader and minister Azam Khan’s missing buffaloes.

But their next assignment is little dangerous as this time they are on a mission to catch a ghost in Allahabad. As per the reports, a ghost is being noticed near the Sant Nirankari Railway Crossing and it is troubling the citizens of Allahabad a lot. In fact, many people have changed their routes and started avoiding the route where the ghost is seen.

The message is getting viral on social networking sites and WhatsApp. There is also a doubt that it may be the work of gang of robbers who rob people in the disguise of ghost. As the news is spreading more the people are getting panicked and the pressure on Police is mounting to catch the ghost.

The SSP has ordered the Kydganj Police to find out who is behind this incident and bring them in public as soon as possible, and the patrolling in the area has also increased.