A common town room. The thirty-thirty-year-old woman is waiting for someone. The door opens. A boy in front of eighteen-ninety-year stands for a book in hand. Seeing the formalities between the two till now you may have understood that there is a tuition teacher and the second student. Studies begin. The teaching-teacher of the teacher falls. The boy becomes uncomfortable. Now his focus is on books. Sometimes he drops down the book and looks at the teacher for raising him, sometimes touches the excuse to understand the text. If you do not go then you propose. The teacher first lounges. Then the boy smiled to see the embarrassed smile. He gets up and sits in the boy’s lap. The embrace is done. Then what happens next is found only in porn videos.

The films which you have seen so far or secretly in Anop, Anguri and Nilkamal together with budding friends. They are no longer hidden. Such soft porn movies are now being viewed on YouTube. Their audience is different. And there are many YouTube channels organized, where soft porn is being uploaded on the day.

Who is the most famous on YouTube? Who is the most viewed in India? Honey Singh, Hrithik, Salman, Shahrukh or Ranbir? You guessed! The figures tell us. Yash Raj brings the trailer of ‘Sultan’. Salman Khan 70,32,429 views are his. Until these lines are written! YRF’s Subscribers are 31,50,312 In mathematics, two-and-half people are watching Salman without subscribing to every subscriber. Please note that there is a promotional promotion of such trailer of such films. Sponsored posts go on Facebook and Twitter. All the stars and news channels share them. Now think, who will be the big star from Salman, for which this ratio will be 215 times.

The answer is porn. On YouTube, a new market of semi-porn movies has stood in the past year. Understand with an example , a video of a national flare has got more than 2.80 crores views. Matinee placed a video of Indian law Chited doctor, arrived 1.99 million views on it. You have come forward without reading the data. If you read then then you will understand that this figure is only a little less than 2 crores. More than any known YouTube channel’s viral video. Viewers view ratio of 215 times more in terms of subscribers. At the same time , 1.35 million people have watched the video after posting of Manorama Stories .

Chanel Small but Video Big Hit

There are 14 thousand wishes of pure country lover , while 4 million 93 thousand people watching the video. Consider the reach of the video. There are 61 thousand subscribers in the rustic sister- in- law .  More than 92,000 people like Mattini Masti , then Matini Fun gets 1.18 lakh. There are 67 subscribers registered on rustic hot movies but their most watched video shows 1.7 crores count. Salty love  came to YouTube on six months, but their videos have been 48 million times. Views at Honeymoon TV are 44 million in the same time, there are five lakh views on the Jism channel for less than one and half month, whereas their followers are only 2000.

The content of these stories

These videos contain two-way communication. There are monkey kissing scenes Dream Sequence consists. At the end of every video at your level something is definitely kept which is startled. Husband’s friend tries to trick the woman and lure of money and finally finds out. Mobile and money were sent by the husband. Or in another story, a middle-aged woman calls home and asks the doctor to scare her for sex. Then he takes away money by adding his hands and feet. The message is given that the doctor robbed the patients and the woman did this to teach him a lesson.

Reducing sexual frustrations …

The origin of these videos is the sexual frustration of the people. The stories revolve around the same. The main characters of these videos are middle-aged brides, mummies and keys, Kamwali bai, friend’s sister or girlfriends, neighbors and landlord’s daughter, or tuition students. They are on target, neighboring vegetable, milk, dower, tuition teacher, husband’s friends. Videos are often used to approach women. In some, men also seem to be taking advantage of their compulsion or accidental opportunity. Most of the videos are seen in the language bihari put. Duration is 12-15 minutes. These videos, which are ready at low costs, are shot in the lodge or newly built flats.

How do these YouTube channels go?

Desi, Pastoral, Sister-in-law, Neighborhood, Jalwa, Masala, Fun These are those keywords. On which they play videos and channels. There is a direct approach, things which are around people. And those who make movies know that the common people like to watch. The same is served. Some of these videos and some channels can also be accessed by children. At the same time enough age is sought to see something. In the past few days some videos have been deleted. Some channels were renamed and uploaded the same videos again. Which also shows that they are being monitored.