Haven’t you always wondered why it is easier to get along with guys than penetrate a gang of girls? Let’s face it women; when it comes to friendships, men win by a margin. Women may have their girl besties and may share the most intimate bond with them, perhaps more intimate than any man can ever share with anybody. But when it comes to maintaining long-term friendships, men nail it effortlessly. They are chilled out, they are easygoing, they are fun in friendship. And they never ditch a bro in need, even if it means risking their own happiness. Here are 11 reasons why men can make better friends than women.

1. They Can Really Have A Friend’s Back


If a man calls someone his friend, his buddy, his pal, he is usually there for him for life. Men value friendships and live by the fact that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Always trust a man to save his friend’s ass in times of need.

Now this is not to mean that women don’t value friendship. Of course, they do. In a country like India, where women are often under tremendous social pressure, the lack of commitment in friendship is often a by-product of her familial commitment and other social constraints. But all in all, men are more willing to go that extra mile for their friends.

2. They Follow The Bro-Code Like A Bible


While women too do have certain dos and donts in friendship, nothing beats the sanctity of the bro-code that men abide by. The bro-code that lays down certain unsaid norms in friendship is something that every guy, even unknowingly, follows to the hilt. Be it not getting involved with a friend’s ex, or saving his ass at his hour of need, every guy respects the bro code at all times.

3. They Give Each Other Space


Now women may argue that men don’t share their innermost feelings with each other as openly as women do (which is true), fact is men let each other be. They don’t step on each other’s toes with a constant need to share. Which is why whenever a guy wants to chill, he chooses his male buddies. No pressure, just plain acceptance.

4. Men Have Realistic Expectations


Although guys usually stand up for their bros, they don’t berate them when they are not able to. We hate to admit it, but guys are much more chilled out than women. Women tend to have a love-hate equation in friendships. They can go all out to pamper their friends but they also expect the same in return. Men don’t.

5. Men Forgive And Forget More Easily Than Women


Men rarely hold a grudge against their friends for little things like not turning up for a birthday party or forgetting their birthdays. Unlike women, men give little importance to these little breaches in commitment. They don’t read too much into their friends’ actions and usually give them the benefit of the doubt.

6. They Don’t Bitch Behind Backs


Men may hate other men, but one thing they don’t do is betray the trust of their friends by bitching behind their backs. If they don’t like somebody, they are not friends with them. Of course, there are exceptions and many men would have, at some point of their lives, done that. But they are not given to backbiting in friendship as a habit. If you are backbiting against someone, you are not friends with him. Simple.

7. They Confront, Even If It Means A Fistfight


While men are often accused of piling things and not sharing their emotions as much as women do, the ironical fact is that when it comes to friendships the opposite often happens. While a girl will secretly mind the fact that her friend was rude to her one fine day, guys usually make their feelings apparent and don’t make a big deal out of it. You didn’t like something, you instantly make it known. Even if it means a nasty confrontation. Sometimes a few minutes’ fistfight is better than a lifetime of misunderstood feelings.

8.They Do Crazy Things Together


There is a popular joke. A best friend will never let you do anything crazy. Alone. The jerk will always be your partner-in-crime. Now that’s truer in the case of men. Maybe in a patriarchal society, it is easier for men to go crazy, take risks, roam streets in the night or crash weddings, but fact is it is often men who are partners-in-crime for the craziest of things. And when you’ve shared the crazy, you are friends for life.