What happens when you enter a toilet to take a leak and find an unexpected guest already seated comfortably in your toilet? An incident in Australia shows exactly why you should take a good look before you take a good leak.

Eliott Budd a snake catcher in Townsville (not the one from that cartoon series), pulled out two enormous carpet pythons who had made themselves at home in someone’s toilet seat. This happened when residents were shocked by some nightmarish shit, literally.

While Budd did think his days of removing snakes from toilets were over, he was not at all surprised at the audacious occupation by the reptiles. The snakes were 3 and 2.4 metres long respectively.


Budd who had done this before and just had to hold on to the pythons till they relaxed and came out on their own, told Mashable Australia that he had pulled snakes out of kitchen sinks and swimming pools as well.

Buddy said that they were just looking for water, and what could be better than a toilet bowl to quench their thirst, right?